Shashwat Sachdev: The Next Big Thing!! (Phillauri – Music Review)

Anshai Lal’s directorial debut is under Clean Slate Films, a production house by Anushka Sharma and her brother Karnesh Sharma. It stars Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada.

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Music Label: T-Series

1. Dum Dum / Dum Dum (Punjabi Version) / Dum Dum (Reprise) – Singers: Romy, Vivek Hariharan / Diljit Dosanjh;  Music: Shashwat Sachdev;  Lyrics: Anvita Dutt / Shellee – Romy spell bounds with his Shahid Mallya sounding vocals, deeply rooted in Punjabi folk. Shashwat makes sure that the song doesn’t become one of the many Punjabi melodies and remains unique. He achieves that through a particular style of using percussion. Vivek makes a cameo and leaves a mark of his own. Shashwat has quite cleverly blended the folk and classical element into his composition. Anvita’s lyrics does complete justice to ensure the metaphorical yet rooted mood of the song.The Punjabi version doesn’t have much of a difference in arrangements. The difference is basically in the lyrics written by Shellee. Reprise in Diljit’s voice is equally good and refreshing.

2. What’s Up – Singers: Mika Singh, Jasleen Royal;  Music: Jasleen Royal;  Lyrics: Aditya Sharma – Jasleen enters the scene with a typical Mika track which when starts sounds exactly like the latest Cutie Pie from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Considering that the song doesn’t belong to Jasleen’s comfort zone, she does quite an impressive job. The notes are significantly catchy and Mika surprisingly justifies the lyrics quite well. The lyrics is out and out Punjabi and goes totally well with the composition.

3. Naughty Billo – Singers: Diljit Dosanjh, Nakash Aziz, Shilpi Paul;  Music: Shashwat Sachdev;  Lyrics: Anvita Dutt –The way it transits from sounding raw to landing on EDM makes it quite exciting. The beats are well programmed giving emphasis on exact words. Shashwat is able to manage the ensemble of three singers, each complimenting one another. The ending could have been better compared to the clever start. Anvita’s lyrics doesn’t seem to have much a role but she really seems aware of the beats and cleverly put those words accordingly. Catchy. 

4. Sahiba – Singers: Romy, Pawni Pandey;  Music: Shashwat Sachdev;  Lyrics: Anvita Dutt – The song that was featured in the trailer is actually the best song of the album. A very interesting build up has been given in the mukhda for the line sahiba. It is this song where Anvita’s writing is noticeable. Pawni has a very short portion but she totally nails it and shows her versatility after Laila. But the show stealer is Romy. The way he has managed to sing such varied sounding portions of the song, it’s remarkable. His vocals do complete justice. This composition is so well arranged and unusually structured that one has a natural curiosity to hear it again. Well done Shashwat!

5. Bajaake Tumba – Singers: Romy, Shehnaz Akhtar;  Music: Shashwat Sachdev;  Lyrics: Anvita Dutt – By now, it’s safe to assume that Romy must be the voice of Diljit in the film. Such varied notes in the mukhda enthralls you and the way he carries those notes with such ease is something to listen for. The song is more lyric-oriented. There’s a narrative element to it which Anvita has written so authentically and Shashwat has carried the song with those arrangements that you feel a part of that rural environment.  

6. Dil Shagna Da – Singer: Jasleen Royal;  Music: Jasleen Royal;  Lyrics: Neeraj Rajawat – Falling in her comfort zone, Jasleen seems to have fallen short this time with not-so-adorable composition. The kind of a tune she chose to have, she should have added some interesting elements to avoid being monotonous. The tune is indeed likable but not something to fall for. 

With Phillauri, Shashwat Sachdev is going to be the next most promising composer. 

Worth Listening: Dum Dum, Sahiba

The Final Verdict: 3.5/5

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Novelty floating over Typicality!! (Running Shaadi – Music Review)

An Amit Roy film that stars Amit Sadh, Tapsee Pannu and Arsh Bawja, is co-written by Navjot Gulati and produced by the ever favorite Shoojit Sircar. Music is given by Abhishek-Akshay, Anupam Roy, Keegan Pinto, Anjaana Ankur and Sandeep.

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Music Label: Times Music 

1. Pyaar Ka Test – Singers: Bappi Lahiri, Kalpana Patowary;  Music: Abhishek-Akshay;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – It’s surprising to see Manoj Yadav writing these lyrics. They are hilarious, in the sense that you get annoyed with the constant use of weird metaphors and still you land up laughing and there’s a constant curiosity of what is going to be metaphorized next. Bappi Lahiri with his heavy vocals capture every song so amazingly. Kalpna is a good choice for the song. A well-intended amusement, mostly due to good writing. 

2. Mannerless Majnu – Singer: Sukanya Purkayastha;  Music: Abhishek-Akshay;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Again, Manoj Yadav’s impressive writing owns the song but it is also shared by the duo’s equally good composition. Arrangements are worth noticing. Sukanya justifies the mood beautifully. She seemed to be having a good sense of the kind of composition it is. Within a minute the song is able to engage the listener.

3. Dimpy De Naal Bhaage Bunty – Singer: Labh Janjua;  Music: Abhishek-Akshay;  Lyrics: Shellee – So the song must be recorded last year before Labh Janjua passed away. It’s a treat to hear his voice once more. Abhishek-Akshay scores impressively in this track as well. They seem to have quite well captured the mood and pace of the film. Great energy, great rhythm, appropriate arrangements. The composition could have been slightly better, though.

4. Bhaag Milky Bhaag – Singers: Sanam Puri, Sonu Kakkar;  Music: Keegan Pinto;  Lyrics: Keegan Pinto, Sonal Sehgal – Keegan Pinto enters the album with such an innovative track which has a comical underplay, overlaid by the effective chorus in the bhaag milky part that you land up singing with them. The emotions are well captured and the Guitar strumming in the mukhda is something to listen for. Sanam and Sonu are splendid!

5. Faraar – Singer: Jubin Nautiyal;  Music: Keegan Pinto;  Lyrics: Keegan Pinto – Keegan’s next track is less impressive. Except for the hook line, faraar ho jayenge, which has so nicely been done, the rest of the song turns out to be below average. Jubin’s singing overpowers anything that is less effective in the song. Lyrics could have been way better, though. The hook line is so appealing that the song, overall, turns out to be good enough to give it a try. It’s definitely going to sound impactful with the visuals.

6. Main Faraar Sa – Singers: Anupam Roy, Hamsika Iyer;  Music: Anupam Roy;  Lyrics: Tanveer Ghazi – After Piku and Pink, this is Anupam’s third with Shoojit Sircar and he maintains almost the similar sound here. Mukhda gives deja vu of Piku, antara is really impressive. His vocals end up sounding like Amit Trivedi and I guess he can’t help that! It’s good to hear Hamsika after a long time and she has actually got the best portion to sing. A soothing one!

7. Kuch Toh Hai – Singers: Jubin Nautiyal;  Music: Anjaana Ankur & Sandeep;  Lyrics: Anas Ali Khan – Too much of experimentation in the notes as well as in the instrumentation. Nothing repeats here so by the time you are trying to get acquainted with the song, it ends. Jubin doesn’t help and he cannot, in such cases. Fails to connect. 

Abhishek-Akshay and Keegan Pinto come up with some really cool compositions.

Worth Listening: Manerless Majnu, Bhaag Milky Bhaag 

The Final Verdict: 3/5

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Trance-scending Folk to EDM!! (Udta Punjab – Music Review)

Abhishek Chaubey is finally out of his Ishqiya zone and is ready for his dark comedy which has Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh in lead roles. Music is given by Amit Trivedi.

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Music: Amit Trivedi;  Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. Chitta Ve – Singers: Babu Haabi, Shahid Mallya, Bhanu Prtap;  Lyrics: Shellee – A full on hardcore EDM track that does not have much space for the lyrics and relies mainly on the beats that really groove you to the extreme. The lyrics, if any, is in the form of two raps that fail to work yet the atmosphere that has been created by Amit is commendable.

2. Da Da Dasse – Singers: Kanika Kapoor, Babu Haabi;  Lyrics: Shellee – Kanika is used quite late by Amit but he has made sure that he uses her uniquely. She sounds very justifying to the composition which is a blend of folksy melody and EDM treatment. The rap again is not able to live up to its expectation and Babu Haabi again fails to impress though the atmosphere that has been created might remind you of Dev D.

3. Ikk Kudi / Ikk Kudi (Reprise) – Singer: Shahid Mallya / Diljit Dosanjh;  Lyrics: (from the poem by) Late Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi – This non-EDM track, the lyrics of which has been adapted from a poem by the same name, Amit has nicely made this Punjabi poem his own by using Guitars and Drums in his very own style which is witnessed in many of his songs. Reprise is somewhat has a Rock background while Mallya’s version is more bassy. Both the arrangements go well with the vocals. #WelcomeSong

4. Ud-Daa Punjab – Singers: Amit Trivedi, Vishal Dadlani;  Lyrics: Varun Grover – Sounding like Angreji Beat in the beginning, this song does not have Yo Yo or Badshah for the rap but Vishal Dadlani who handles the part impressively giving the apt emphasis on each word. Amit sings the main portion with utmost zeal and Varun’s lyrics thoroughly entertains.

5. Hass Nach Le – Singer: Shahid Mallya;  Lyrics: Shellee – Amidst those high voltage EDM tracks, this soulful Sufi stands out with brilliance. Shahid Mallya shows his excellence in this beautifully written song which has bass inserted by Amit at such an appropriate place that the sound glorifies the track wonderfully. Soothing.

6. Vadiya – Singer: Amit Trivedi;  Lyrics: Shellee – It does not remain just an EDM track; Amit has taken it to the Trance level. The song has familiarity with Queen’s O Gujariya in arrangements while Amit’s singing too gives the heard-before feeling which unfortunately does not make it a complete package though in terms of Trance, it is promising.

Amit Trivedi promises a cocktail of EDM and Punjabi folk and he delivers the best in that. 

The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE


Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards (June 2016)

Singer of the Month (Female): Monali Thakur – Dhanak (Dhanak)

Singer of the Month (Male): Devu Khan Manganiyar – Dum-A-Dum (Dhanak)

Singer Jodi of the Month: Chet Dixon & Devu Khan Manganiyar – Dum-A-Dum (Dhanak)

Composer of the Month (Song): Tapas Relia – Dum-A-Dum (Dhanak)

Lyricist of the Month: Amitabh Bhattacharya – Kyun Re (TE3N)

Composer of the Month (Album): Tapas Relia – Dhanak 

Song of the Month: Dhanak – Dhanak (Tapas Relia, Mir Ali Husain)

Album of the Month: Udta Punjab – Zee Music Company