More than Okay!! (OK Jaanu – Music Review

Overwhelming is something that AR Rahman tries to do in every album. While this is a remake of a critically and publicly acclaimed Tamil flick Ok Kanmani, Rahman has tried to keep the deja vu aside and create something fresh for Hindi listeners. His music has always been unpredictable and that’s exactly what OK Jaanu has – unpredictability.

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Music: A.R. Rahman;  Lyrics: Gulzar;  Music Label: Sony Music

1. OK Jaanu – Singers: A.R. Rahman, Srinidhi Venkatesh – An antara-less track that is upbeat, catchy and has a nostalgic Rahman hook. Srinidhi unfortunately has got just one line, the song belongs to the composer whose singing has always been an appealing element in a song. Vintage Rahman.

2. Enna Sona – Singer: Arijit Singh – A breezy romantic Arijit lending his voice for a song which doesn’t sound like a Rahman composition, just because it’s so simple. No experimentation has been done in this Guitar-led arranged song which is so impeccably rendered by Arijit. It could have been a Tanishk or an Arko composition. Not-so-Rahman.

3. Jee Lein – Singers: Savithri R. Prithvi, Arjun Chandy, Neeti Mohan – This is something that is highly experimental. It contains n number of techno sounds upon which Savithri’s vocals create a sort of enchanting atmosphere. Neeti Mohan keeps giving her special appearances which is the most melodious and reliable part of the song. A well-crafted interlude could have worked more.

4. Kaara Fankaara – Singers: Paroma Das Gupta, Shashaa Tirupati, Hard Kaur, ADK, kaly, Ashima Mahajan – A hook which is dragged through the entire song with Dubstep giving an edge to it. Lots of well-arranged vocals and lots of EDM sounds create a pretty good impact, though one wishes if the hook could be more elaborate espcially when the track crosses three minutes. The duration should have been shorter, unless there’s some latent intention to it. 

5. Saajan Aayo Re – Singers: Jonita Gandhi, Nakash Aziz – A raga based song that Jonita has efficiently managed though I personally felt that a maturer voice was needed. Nakash potentiates the song as soon as he enters with quite an un-Nakash singing. More work on instrumentation was expected. Surprisingly, the song approaches towards fusion, though thankfully it doesn’t reach there.

6. Maula Wa Sallim – Singer: A.R. Ameen – An aptly pious creation from A.R. Rahman, sung by his son A.R. Ameen which is a devotional song that Rahman has directly kept from the original Tamil film Ok Kanmani. His vocals are as pure as the composition. The song says – “O Mawla! Send prayers and peace always and forever. Upon Your beloved, the best out of all of Creation.” An extremely well-programmed track as well.

7. Sunn Bhavara – Singer: Shashaa Tirupati – Another raga based song which is accentuated by Shashaa’s fitting vocals. Tabla has a prominent role, aptly supporting her vocals at definite pauses. This is arguably the best track in this album. It’s a delight to hear, and a delight for the ears. 

8. The Humma Song – Singers: Jubin Nautiyal, Shashaa Tirupati, Badhshah;  Recreated by Tanishk Bagchi, Badshah (Original Composition: A.R. Rahman);  Lyrics: Mehboob – So, the famous Rahman’s Humma Humma has been recreated by Tanishk and Badshah and that has been done with sheer delight! One of the best remade songs I have heard in recent times. The way the song has been programmed, and I am sure that would have been done under Rahman’s guidance, is praiseworthy. Shashaa shows how amazingly versatile she is, and Jubin has finally got a big ticket to rise high now.

A Romantic mainstream film, set in present time, having raga based classical songs, well that’s surprising. And well, A.R. Rahman is surprising. 

Worth Listening: Enna Sona, OK Jaanu, The Humma Song

Worth Trying: Sunn Bhavara, Mawla Wa Sallim, Saajan Aayo Re

The Final Verdict:  4/5

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No Chull, Only Beautiphull!! (Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921) – Music Review)

Shakun Batra is back after a very long time since the release of his previous rom-com Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu which had Amit Trivedi as the composer. This time he has tried his hands on a multiple composer album. The songs are composed by Amaal Mallik, Badshah, Tanishk Bagchi, Arko, Nucley & Benny Dayal.

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Music Label: Sony Music

1. Kar Gayi Chull – Singers: Badshah, Fazilpuria, Sukriti Kakar, Neha Kakkar;  Music: Badshah (Recreated by Amaal Mallik);  Lyrics: Badshah, Kumaar – This very popular party number of Badshah featuring Fazilpuria has been recreated by Amaal Mallik, retaining both of them as singers and adding Sukriti and Neha make it sound more glamorous. The offensive lyrics have been turned up towards decency by Kumaar while the mukhda has been retained. The song is undoubtedly extremely catchy and groovy, being perfect mood setter for the parties.  

2. Bolna – Singers: Arijit Singh, Asees Kaur;  Music: Tanishk Bagchi;  Lyrics: Dr. Devender Kafir – Arijit’s earthy vocals work tremendously in the favor of the song. More than half of the impression of the song is made just by the first line. It’s so beautifully composed with a tinge of familiarity that one is easily able to croon it. Asees Kaur seems to be decent though not much could be revealed about her vocals in the track. Instantly likable. 

3. Buddhu Sa Mann – Singers: Armaan Malik, Amaal Mallik;  Music: Amaal Mallik;  Lyrics: Abhiruchi Chand – An EDM track by Mallik brothers that quite easily snares your attention has a very Dharma-like lyrics which together makes a nice familiar-novel combo. Armaan is so perfect for the track that it’s hard to think of any other voice that could do justice to the track. Whistle plays poignant role in attracting the listeners. A feel-good track. 

4. Saathi Rey – Singer: Arko;  Music: Arko;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir – The sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought. The only sad song in the album turns out to be the most effective one having Arko on the vocals as well with his impactful voice crooning a melancholic composition that is well-structured and well-arranged. The piano notes are superb. The saddest sounds the sweetest. #WelcomeSong

5. Let’s Nacho – Singers: Badshah, Benny Dayal;  Music: Nucleya & Benny Dayal;  Lyrics: Kumaar, Christopher Pradeep – The weakest track of the album which Badshah and Benny totally fail to impact. The composition is loosely structured, having beats and techno sounds that are heard so many times before. Worst for the Last. 

This multiple composer album of Dharma has Arko shining while Amaal and Tanishk remaining in their impressive form. 

The Final Verdict:  OKAY



A Coke Studious Soundtrack!! (Jugni – Music Review)

Jugni (Firefly) symbolizes the free-flying spirit. The film is all about dealing with the hardships in life and the search of a place which one can call home; where the firefly is at her brightest. A Shefali Bhushan film which has Clinton Cerejo as the music director of the film featuring legends like AR Rahman, Vishal Bhardwaj for the first time as just singers.

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Music: Clinton Cerejo;  Music Label: Sony Music

1. Jugni / Jugni (Unplugged) – Singers: Javed Bashir / Javed Bashir, Neha Kakkar;  Lyrics: Shellee – Starting the album with the title track, this song seems to have been a leftover of Clinton’s Coke Studio episode which Javed Bashir with his typical folksy vocals filled with enormous classical style handled superbly. Neha Kakkar to everybody’s surprise showed her other side in singing which has nothing to do with peppy-pop kind of music and she has justified her part in the unplugged effortlessly. Javed’s solo version has Guitar and the duet version has the beauty of Harmonium and both are capable enough to hold you for long. Infact, the Harmonium in the unplugged is so amazingly played that you do not want it to end so soon. Folksy attraction! 

2. Dugg Duggi Dugg – Singers: Vishal Bhardwaj;  Lyrics: Shellee – Vishal Bhardwaj’s first song as a singer for another composer, and for a composer who has arranged numerous compositions of Vishal. A subtle melody with appropriate lyrics and a wonderful use of onomatopoeia in that by Shellee along with simplistic arrangements that work as icing on cake summing it up as a melodious treat from Clinton.  

3. Hatt Mullah / Hatt Mullah (Reprise) – Singers: Bianca Gomes, Clinton Cerejo;  Lyrics: Shellee, Baba Bulleh Shah (Traditional), Clinton Cerejo (English) – On Baba Bulleh Shah’s verse, Clinton has impressively given the Western outfit with Bianca singing the English lines charmingly and Clinton himself singing the traditional lyrics in a completely different avatar from the original Clinton who gets to be heard only when he starts singing the part written by Shellee. A nicely blended song. 

4. Bolladiyaan – Singer: Rekha Bhardwaj;  Lyrics: Shellee – A song highly depending on strings, typically sung by Rekha Bhardwaj has been impressively arranged particularly the latter half of the song. What stands out in this song is its lyrics by Shelle. Beautifully expressed. 

5. Dil Ke Sang – Singer: Nakash Aziz;  Lyrics: Shellee – A mood-shifting song that diverts you from the classical zone to this Bhangra mood. The song is well sung by Nakash but it doesn’t have the capability to hold you for long. Very soon, it starts loosen up the listener’s interest. The not-so-appealing hook line makes the song quite ordinary. 

6. Zarre Zarre Mein Noor Bhara – Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Jazim Sharma;  Lyrics: Shellee – It’s a singers plus chorus show. Brilliant ensemble having Rahat and Jazim leading the troop with utter sincerity, constantly keeping you interested in the seven-minute long track. Clinton shows his versatility by presenting this qawwali in an appealing way which does not have a strong melody to captivate but strong arrangements for sure.

7. Dilaan De Saudey – Singer: Javed Bashir;  Lyrics: Traditional – Another Javed Bashir song. The basic melody if is traditional, or if it belongs to Clinton, either way, what a melody! This is the song which is the most enjoyable one for a music listener who prefers melody over everything. And even if the melody doesn’t belong to Clinton, he deserves appreciation for fabulous arrangements with Guitars, particularly in parts where Javed Bashir chants his sargam. Another brilliant track! 

8. Joban Hai Shawaa – Singer: Neha Kakkar;  Lyrics: Shellee – A less appealing song because the composition is weak but Neha shows her enormous potential to keep listeners engaged with her singing. Among the weaker tracks of the album. 

9. Lakhon Salaam – Singer: AR Rahman;  Guest Composer: Kaashif Sahib;  Lyrics: Kaashif Sahib – The only non-Clinton song in the album and the first song sung by Rahman for some other composer. Kaashif Sahib is the man who had penned Rahman’s Khwaja Mere Khwaja (Jodha Akbar). Besides the song featuring AR Rahman, there’s nothing special or appealing in this. It’s a regular prayer song that is ofcourse played and arranged well. AR Rahman just as a singer, yes deserves an attempt. 

10. Heer – Singer: Nakash Aziz;  Lyrics: Waris Shah – Just a one and half minute melancholic track that has been crooned by Nakash in a very uncliched manner, and he is worth applauding for this attempt. Aziz!! 

A soundtrack by Clinton Cerejo worth buying!! 

The Final Verdict:  AGREE




Honest Intentions!! (Chalk N Duster – Music Review)

This film by Jayant Gilatar is based on the problem of teachers and students where teaching way in the education system is changing day by day. Music is given by Sandesh Shandilya.

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Music: Sandesh Shandilya;  Lyrics: Javed Akhtar;  Music Label: Sony Music

1. Aye Zindagi – Singer: Sonu Nigam – When you have opted for Sonu Nigam half of the mediocrity in your composition is already covered by his mesmerizing vocals. The composition is sweet indeed yet it sounds decade-old. It needed novel arrangements style in order to get over with the early 2000s sound. Its sweetness lacks sensibility. 

2. Deep Shiksha – Singers: Alka Yagnik, Shraddha Mishra, Sanchit Mishra – The composition is quite impressive and the song scores in recording and arrangements as well. Alka Yagnik leading the chorus fluently supported by Javed Akhtar’s appropriate lyrics fitting well in the situation. Likable melody, well composed, arranged, sung and written. #WelcomeSong

3. Jingle Bodmas – Singer: Shabana Azmi – A purely nursery rhyme having each element being inserted keeping those educational songs in mind. Shabana Azmi is that teacher who teaches Bodmas to her students. As it’s a well-intentioned educational song, it is successful at its attempt. 

This album by Sandesh Shandilya lacks appeal but remains honest to its demands. 

The Final Verdict:  OKAY




If Pritam was in the 90s era…. (Dilwale – Music Review)

This is absolutely the biggest film of this year as Shahrukh and Kajol are romancing on screen after a long time. The songs that are released are already hit and the hit machine Pritam seems to have left no stone unturned in music making for this SRK-Kajol starer Rohit Shetty film Dilwale.

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Music: Pritam;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya;  Music Label: Sony Music

1. Gerua – Singers: Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra – The grandest song of the year starts very unusually but soon allows the beautifully tuned Flute to enter, giving hints of ecstasy soon to be found in the song. Pritam has attempted to deliver a typical SRK-Kajol track focusing on 90s-like Dafli that would make you remember of all those Yash Chopra melodies. The orchestration is brilliant in end with all those Violins echoing inside your head for quite long. There’s issue with Arijit’s tonal quality though. The song in the second antara sounds a bit monotonous due to the constant high notes which Arijit is seemed to be having trouble with. His vocals sound a bit stressed. Antara Mitra has not much to deal with though one surely misses Shreya here to bring the much needed effortlessness and genuineness in the song. Amitabh’s lyrics are already much talked about especially the word Gerua which is the color Saffron. Blockbuster and Memorable. 

2. Manma Emotion Jaage – Singers: Amit Mishra, Anushka Manchanda, Antara Mitra – A pretty cool Hip-Hop track which has a sufficient amount of desi-ness in the composition as well as in the lyrics. It has that 90s tapori feel in the required amount. Quite unique sounds have been used by Pritam and the programming is done with efficiency. The tune in the mukhda could have been catchier as Pritam has a great history with catchy tunes. The song however grows on you gradually. Amit is impressive in the track, Antara has a catchy desi typical saiyaan portion and Anushka handles the rap quite effortlessly. Desi typical 90s with experimental programming. 

3. Janam Janam – Singer: Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra – This is one of those melodies that can be termed “classic” from day one. Arijit and Antara superbly handles this lovable composition of Pritam which is based on the prelude of Gerua. If Gerua has 90s feel, it has 50s black & white feel which after the half mukhda becomes somewhat Bhatt-like. I wish if Arijit had avoided that aggressive alaap which spoils the sugary essence of the song. Antara has a more prominent role here and she justifies it completely. Magnum Opus #WelcomeSong

4. Tukur Tukur – Singer: Arijit Singh – This amusing Goan-flavor song brings a smile to face. The chorus saying tukur tukur is very impressively arranged. Arijit has justified the mood of the track which is so different from the other Arijit songs in the album. A fun-filled track.

5. Daayre – Singer: Arijit Singh – The only track which has been kept separated from any kind of 90s effect. It comes quite in the Saaware (Phantom) zone, having Guitar setting up the mood. It is a sad song but has a delightful mukhda, the rhythm giving the feel of a journey song. Arijit is flawless in this, being in his comfort zone. Delightful. 

6. Premika – Singer: Benny Dayal, Kanika Kapoor – Pritam has nailed this one, giving the 90s style composition his unique signature. A very catchy track with lots and lots of interesting sounds in the background that are sufficient to drive you towards dance floor. Benny and Kanika who are the complete dynamos seem to be a perfect choice for this song. More than just the composition, it has layers and layers of unique sounds. Better put on your headphones.

Dilwale is an answer to this question of how the songs would have been if Pritam had been composing in the 90s era. 

The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE


Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards  (December 2015)

Singer of the Month (Female):  Shreya Ghoshal – Deewani Mastani (Bajirao Mastani)

Singer of the Month (Male):  Arijit Singh – Aayat (Bajirao Mastani)

Singer Jodi of the Month:  Shreya Ghoshal & Vaishali Made – Pinga (Bajirao Mastani)

Composer of the Month (Song): Sanjay Leela Bhansali – Mohe Rang Do Laal (Bajirao Mastani)

Lyricist of the Month:  A.M. Turaz – Aayat (Bajirao Mastani)

Composer of the Month (Album):  Sanjay Leela Bhansali – Bajirao Mastani

Song of the Month:  Janam Janam – Dilwale (Pritam, Amitabh Bhattacharya)

Album of the Month:  Bajirao Mastani (Eros Music) 



Ajay-Atul’s another melodious attempt!! (Brothers – Music Review)

Brothers is a remake of the 2011 Hollywood film Warrior, directed by Karan Malhotra whose previous film Agneepath was also a remake of the superhit Bollywood film of the same name. Like his previous film, the music is given by Ajay-Atul.

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Music: Ajay-Atul;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya;  Music Label: Sony Music

1. Brothers Anthem – Singer: Vishal Dadlani – If they called it an anthem, they really tried creating one. The chanting sounds or that cheer which we hear in stadiums is quite authentic. Vishal is an obvious choice for a track like this where Ajay-Atul have done brilliant percussion stuff and created a grand atmosphere of a battle. The song title is apt. An anthem in a true sense.

2. Gaaye Ja (Female) / Gaaye Ja (Male) – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal / Mohammed Irfan – The duo has created a haunting tune which is perfectly settled in komal notes that has helped setting the mood of the song. It has tingling sound aptly supported by Violins and Piano. Shreya’s version is obviously sweeter, though Mohammed Irfan’s version is soothing too. The children chorus is amazingly arranged. Everything goes in favor of this song. Hauntingly melodious!

3. Sapna Jahan – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Neeti Mohan – So after Abhi Mujhme Kahin, now when you look Sonu Nigam’s name in an Ajay-Atul composition, your excitement is obvious. Ajay-Atul easily fulfills the expectations by creating another ecstatically beautiful melody which Sonu Nigam has blissfully beautified the charm that is already created by the duo through Flute and Tabla, wonderfully arranged and surrounded by digital beats. The so-called hook line mere dil mein aaj is truly mellifluous. A melody you can’t afford to miss! #WelcomeSong

4. Mera Naam Mary – Singer: Chinmayi Sripada – Another Chikni Chameli! that’s what they were trying to create. Unfortunately, there’s no Shreya Ghoshal. Chinmayi’s vocals somehow seem to have problem surviving in this item song atmosphere. The tune is although catchy, has numerous weak moments which do not let the listener engage completely in the track.

If not as excellent as Agneepath, Ajay-Atul still manage to deliver an engaging soundtrack.

The Final Verdict:  OKAY


Surprisingly Cute!! (Guddu Rangeela – Music Review)

If you remember how good Jolly LLB was or if you have even watched Phas Gaye Re Obama, well then you might be familiar with this name Subhash Kapoor. He is an amazing satirical filmmaker who now has come up with his new flick Guddu Rangeela. Unlike his previous films, he has this time, has given attention to music also and that’s why Amit Trivedi and Irshad Kamil have been invited on board to operate the melody in the soundtrack.

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Music: Amit Trivedi;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil;  Music Label: Zee Music Company / Sony Music

1. Guddu Rangeela – Singers: Amit Trivedi, Divya Kumar – As soon as it begins, you notice some familiarity and in no time you succeed in guessing the familiarity to be with Allah Meherbaan (Ghanchakkar), another song by Amit, coincidentally sung by Amit and Divya only. It is so similar that this title track seems to be generated from the same seed with which that Ghanchakkar track was created. Similar beats with a slightly different arrangements and the almost similar mood of the tune. Anyway, both the songs are likable and fun to hear. Enjoyable!

2. Sooiyan – Singers: Arijit Singh, Chinmayi Sripada – Who else can write with such innocence-filled maturity than Irshad Kamil! Lyrics blend so beautifully with Amit’s utterly melodious composition, having two spectacularly soothing voices of Arijit and Chinmayi that it gets you addicted to it right from the first listen. The soothing arrangements using Matka and Banjo are something to fall for. The hook line is composed, written and arranged in the most adorable way possible which makes it worth listening#WelcomeSong

3. Sahebaan – Singers: Chinmayi Sripada, Shahid Mallya – If the previous one was playful, this one has some serious romance again featuring Chinmayi along with Shahid Mallya. It starts with Guitar and soon an ecstatically played Sarangi follows which paves the way for Kamil’s lovable lyrics. Yet the best part remains in the antara when Shahid’s vocals get awesomely blended with Daphli played on the Keherwa rhythm and as soon he ends his part, arrangement again turns to Guitar. Lovable!

4. Mata Ka Email – Singer: Gajender Phogat;  Guest Composer: Subhash Kapoor;  Guest Lyricist: Subhash Kapoor – After a numerous annoying attempts of spoofing a jagrata, director Subhash Kapoor does it efficiently by hiring the original jagrata singer who has made the atmosphere sound quite genuine. Also, the arrangements where Harmonium, Dholak, claps and the microphone effect add up to the likability of the song. Lyrics are fun and engaging. Its short duration acts as an advantage for it. Successful spoofing attempt.

This Amit Trivedi – Irshad Kamil combo is an adorable one!

  The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE