Subtle like Pashmina!! (Fitoor – Music Review)

Director Abhishek Kapoor is back with his third directorial. Just like his previous Kai Po Che, this too has Amit Trivedi as the composer. The film is set in Kashmir and is based on Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations.

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Music: Amit Trivedi;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire;  Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. Yeh Fitoor Mera – Singer: Arijit Singh – The title track has a nice Western melody which starts from a very beautifully played Guitar. Arijit owns the melody with his rasping vocals giving the enough grandeur to the melody which Amit has beautified with chorus and the parwardigaara effect.

2. Pashmina – Singer: Amit Trivedi – A quite loving melody which grips you right from the start. Amit has nailed it not just with the composition but with the singing too. This is his one of the best sung songs. Violin has a prominent role along with a lilting Flute that provides this otherwise westernized melody an earthy touch. Hugely impressive melody. #WelcomeSong 

3. Haminastu – Singer: Zeb Bangash – A very different kind of a song having traditional Kashmiri elements and hugely used Drums with Zeb of “Zeb and Haniya” before the mic justifying the intense folksy mood of the track completely.

4. Hone Do Batiyaan – Singers: Nandini Srikar, Zeb Bangash – Along with Drums, another very different kind of melody which Amit has chosen Nandini and Zeb for. It doesn’t appeal at once, instead it takes a little time to get habitual with the melody but once you get habitual, it’s a melody to be loved.

5. Tere Liye – Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Jubin Nautiyal – A nice romantic track with terrific lyrics, sung beautifully by Sunidhi and Jubin though Amit would have managed it equally well on mic. With dreamy Violins, the song keeps you engaged thoroughly. 

6. Rangaa Re (Hindi) / Rangaa Re (English) – Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi / Caralisa Monteiro, Amit Trivedi  (English Lyrics: Caralisa Monteiro) – Amit again tries to do some experiment here and mostly succeeds. The song is indeed terrific if not very appealing. Sunidhi does the job superbly and so does Caralisa. Amit remains to be the common ingredient in both the versions and sings with much effort. The best element in this song is the use of techno sounds at end of each stanza which makes it somewhat appealing 

Amit Trivedi goes for both – appeal and experiment, while trying to remain himself, and mostly succeeds in all. 

The Final Verdict: POSSIBLE





Santhosh Narayanan debuts in Bollywood!! (Saala Khadoos – Music Review)

A bilingual sports drama that has its name Irudhi Suttru in Tamil, has R. Madhavan in the leading role along with a newcomer Ritika Singh. The music is given by Santhosh Narayanan, a profound music director in South, debuting in Bollywood.

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Music: Santhosh Narayanan;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire;  Music Label: T-Series

1. Saala Khadoos – Singer: Vishal Dadlani – This title track has shades of few songs of this genre, a sporty energetic kind of a genre which Vishal is perfect in justifying with his equally energetic vocals. Although the style is very similar to the last year’s Ziddi Dil (Mary Kom), somehow the track manages to get its own essence. Heard-before. 

2. Jhalli Patakha – Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan – Except for the beats that sound very rhythmic, the song does not have much to offer. The tune is staid and not appealing enough to be enjoyed. Sunidhi too fails to engage. Faces mediocrity. 

3. Dil Ye Ladaku – Singer: Monali Thakur – Santhosh has excelled this one with superb arrangements utilizing Violin fantastically. Also Flute plays a prominent and a beautiful role along with Accordion to make things right in addition to vocal sounds and ofcourse the charm of the leading vocalist. Charming! 

4. Jagaa Khunnas – Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Vijaynarain – A Rock-based track which has been sung and arranged superbly. Santhosh has again used vocal sounds extremely well that works as a catalyst for this high-paced track. Vishal has done a tremendous job here not leaving much option but to like it. Likable track that is set to go well with visuals. 

5. Dhuaan Hai Dhuaan Zindagi – Singer: Kalyani Nair – A melancholic melody that is so beautifully arranged with Violins accompanying Kalyani’s vocals in a terrific way. Santhosh’s melody is so strong that without lyrics, it has potential to drive you emotional. Emotionally beautiful! #WelcomeSong

A decent debut by Santhosh Narayanan in Bollywood.

The Final Verdict:  OKAY


Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards (January 2016)

Singer of the Month (Female):  Kalyani Nair – Dhuaan Hai Dhuaan Zindagi (Saala Khadoos)

Singer of the Month (Male):  Javed Bashir – Jugni (Jugni)

Singer Jodi of the Month:  Amitabh Bachchan & Farhan Akhtar – Atrangi Yaari (Wazir)

Composer of the Month (Song):  Clinton Cerejo – Dugg Duggi Dugg (Jugni)

Lyricist of the Month:  Shellee – Bolladiyaan (Jugni)

Composer of the Month (Album):  Clinton Cerejo – Jugni 

Song of the Month:  Soch Na Sake – Airlift (Amaal Mallik, Kumaar)

Album of the Month:  Jugni – Sony Music



Less Atrangi this time!! (Wazir – Music Review)

Bejoy Nambiar is famous in managing multiple composers for his films quite impressively, not losing the unilateral flavor of the album. Since the film has been produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, his regular composer Shantanu Moitra is ought to be there along with Bejoy’s regular Prashant Pillai plus Ankit Tiwari and Advaita.

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Music Label: T-Series


1. Tere Bin – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal;  Music: Shantanu Moitra;  Lyrics: Vidhu Vinod Chopra – Shockingly blatantly inspired from Afzal Yusuff’s Malyalam composition Oru Naal, this song has a lovely tune which apparently do not belong to Shantanu Moitra although he has done endearing instrumentation and a crooning sargam in the most appropriate duet jodi. The original should have been credited. 

2. Tu Mere Paas – Singer: Ankit Tiwari;  Music: Ankit Tiwari;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir – One reason why all his songs sound similar is because he sings all of them. Talking particularly about this song, it would have sounded a slightly different composition if he had not sung it. Lyrics here are worth praising. Lyrics make it worth attempting. 

3. Maula – Singer: Javed Ali;  Music: Shantanu Moitra;  Lyrics: Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Swanand Kirkire – Shantanu Moitra could have made a masterpiece out of this but he landed up making a very average shallow sufi number. There’s actually nothing in this song, just the numerous repetition of the same line; why it needed two lyricists for that, I doubt! Thanks to Javed Ali, the song managed to be a decent affair. 

4. Tere Liye – Singers: Gagan Baderiya, Prashant Pillai;  Music: Prashant Pillai;  Lyrics: A.M. Turaz – Just what you expect from Prashant Pillai, that is a heavy dose of techno sounds and not much work into the basic tune of the song. Turaz’s potential is not utilized properly as the space for lyrics is impeded by the composer. Wish if it was a proper song. 

5. Khel Khel Mein – Singer: Amitabh Bachchan;  Music: Advaita;  Lyrics: Abhijeet Deshpande – Not a proper song, but a really impressive theme-sounding track which has Big B’s voice in prosaic form, having a nice instrumentation throughout. Advaita could have delivered something even better though. 

6. Wazir Theme – Instrumental;  Music: Gaurav Godkhindi – Theme tracks are expected to have impact on the screen only, and anyway, this track has nothing attractive on its own. It may get better with the visuals. An average thematic experience. 

Additional Song: Atrangi Yaari – Singers: Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar;  Music: Rochak Kohli;  Lyrics: Deepak Ramola, Gurpreet Saini – Surprisingly the song which is not included in the main album, an additional track is the best song of the album. Rochak Kohli has completely justified the mood of this atrangi yaari between these two actors and singers. Big B sounds great and so is Farhan. The song is catchy and has a great repeat value. Not beneficial to skip this one. #WelcomeSong 

Shantanu Moitra, Ankit Tiwari lessen the creative space which the soundtracks of Bejoy Nambiar’s films generally have. 

The Final Verdict:  OKAY 



“Khamosh” speaks through his music!! (Hunterrr – Music Review)

Hunterrr with two extra ‘r’ is a sex comedy that is being loved by masses as well as the classes. Harshvardhan Kulkarni, the man who wrote Hasee Toh Phasee has stepped into direction for the first time. Also, a student from AR Rahman’s school, Khamosh Shah is the music director of this film. Being a student of AR Rahman, one definitely expects some brilliance from him.

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Music: Khamosh Shah;  Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. Hunterrr 303 – Singer: Bappi Lahiri;  Lyrics: Vijay Maurya – Khamosh has composed and arranged it in a typical Bappi style where you find the orchestration to be sounding cheap, similar to what you must have heard in middle-class wedding ceremonies. Lyrics has been written with double meanings which could have been more creative though. Bappi Lahiri always creates a great impact with his singing and Bappi Lahiri is all what is there in this song. Nothing much to listen for.

2. Chori Chori – Singer: Arijit Singh, Sona Mohapatra;  Lyrics: Khamosh Shah – The song has a typically cute rhythmic element that keeps you engaged for quite long as the tune is not so engaging though the both lovable voices are there to hold listeners by their warmth and soothe. Lyrics are too simple to impress but goes well with the composition. Khamosh keeps it sweet & simple. 

3. Na Heer Na Hoor – Singer: Nakash Aziz;  Lyrics: Azazul Haque – Nakash’s singing is the highlight of this track. The amusing singing which this song needed, he has provided that with appropriate amount. It’s a fun song written nicely by Azazul. Khamosh’s catchy tune makes it more interesting to hear. A decent attempt.

4. Naina – Singer: Khamosh Shah;  Lyrics: Azazul Haque – A mild use of Harmonica and a constant support from Guitar makes the atmosphere likable though Khamosh could have worked more on the basic melody which is not as strong as it should have been for a romantic track like this. Due to the week melody, even Sarangi fails in the second interlude. Still, a pleasant hear!

5. Bachpan – Singer: Amit Trivedi;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire – Now this is something that holds heavy weight of emotions. Swanand Kirkire has beautifully described childhood. Till the first antara, the song is a light-heart, fun and amusing but the arrival of second antara makes the whole atmosphere extremely emotional with a nice contribution by Khamosh through arrangements. Amit Trivedi is not a singer though, still managed quite coolly. Listen it for the lyrics. #WelcomeSong

6. Ye Naa Gade – Singers: Anand Shinde, Vaishali Made;  Lyrics: Vijay Maurya – It’s a full on typical Marathi track with Marathi lyrics too, having a decent catchy tune that instantly grows on you. It starts as well as ends with a phone conversation in Marathi and in the middle of this, lies an energetically arranged song with both singers doing complete justice to its energy. Very catchy! 

7. Dil Lagaana – Singer: Altaf Raja;  Lyrics: Khamosh Shah – As Khamosh composed the title track in the Bappi style, he has composed this one in the typical Altaf Raja style. It’s a nice comeback by Altaf Raja as the song and his style is quite amusing and entertaining. All the arrangements have been done according to his style only. The track is going to have its own set of listeners so there’s less chances of Altaf Raja’s comeback going unnoticed. Re-live the era. 

Just a decent first-time attempt of Khamosh Shah. 

The Final Verdict:  OKAY


Illaiyaraaja’s 1000th Album!!!! (Shamitabh – Music Review)

It is the third collaboration of the trio Amitabh Bachchan, Illaiyaraaja and director R. Balki. Their collaboration has been a blockbuster but everytime liked by the audience and the listeners. This is 1000th album of Illaiyaraaja’s career which is a record that cannot be broken by anybody unless another legend like him is born.

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Music: Illaiyaraaja;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire;  Music Label: Eros Music

1. Ishq E Fillum – Singer: Suraj Jagan – This song is a way of giving tribute to cinema and its lovers in our country where in every place, situation, emotion, we unintentionally act as being filmy. Apart from the lyrics, it is Suraj’s singing that deserves appreciation. The harmony is rightly set by Illaiyaraaja which is the most beautiful part of the song. Brilliant chorus!!

2. Sha Sha Mi Mi – Singer: Caralisa Monteiro;  Guest Lyricist: Kausar Munir – I don’t find any reason to call Kausar specially to write this song because she has written nothing actually. Illaiyaraaja’s tune only helps a bit to some extent namely in the neutral vowel singing which has been well programmed too. Caralisa’s vocals sound superb! Only for Illaiyaraaja’s fans.

3. Piddly – Singer: Amitabh Bachchan – Illaiyaraaja has saved his best for Big B. This is a rocking catchy foot tapping track that has almost everything that keeps you engaged, primarily being the tune and the singer. Violin is intensely used which has actually fitted quite well with respect to the kind of song it is. Beats are good enough to keep you hooked to it. An enjoyable treat! #WelcomeSong

4. Sannata – Singer: Shruti Haasan – This is arrangement-wise a highly experimental track though lacks in good tune. The prime factor to listen it for, are the lyrics which is, I guess, trying to taunt the fact that actors get the most importance so it’s realizing that we have singers and lyricists who need to get their due. Well, what it actually wants to tell, we’ll get to know in the film. Shruti has delivered a crackling performance.

5. Thappad – Singers: Suraj Jagan, Earl D’Souza – Song has nothing but thappad. Lack of specific tune and weak lyrics with no scope for singing. Earl does an impressive rap. The instrumentation in the interlude is the only fabulous thing in the whole song. The rest is just the hoping for some good visual stuff in the film. Very unimpressive.

6. Lifebuoy – Singer: Suraj Jagan – The famous ad-jingle of Lifebuoy has been recreated here with a more aggressive attitude. Now, whatever you call it, experimental or novelty, it just doesn’t at all impress. The composition is so staid that it starts sounding odd. Suraj though is perfect!! Not an impressive make-over of the famous jingle. 

By Illaiyaraaja’s performance, the album doesn’t seem to have anything special to be the 1000th album of the composer’s career.

The Final Verdict:  OKAY


Not so crazy!! (Crazy Cukkad – Music Review)

Inspite of belonging to the Prakash Jha Productions, the film is hardly making any waves around, having a single recognizable face in the form of Swanand Kirkire. Many of us who know him as a well known lyricist, will get to witness his acting talent through this film. Music of the film has been given by a debutante duo Siddharth-Suhaas and surprisingly the lyrics are penned by Kumaar and not by Swanand who is actually an integral part of the film.



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Music: Sidhartha-Suhaas;  Lyrics: Kumaar;  Music Label: T-Series


1. Crazy Cukkad – Singers: Shahid Mallya, Kumaar, Shipra Goyal

The chorus singing cukkad nachda is the best part of the song. The composition is made in such a way that it captures the mood of the film quite well. Shahid Mallya’s vocals help resisting a song to be loud yet the enthusiasm in the track remains. Shipra doesn’t have any specific role, except being audible in chorus. Lyrics, inspite of not making much sense, are enjoyable and help the composition in being catchy. Enjoyable! 


2. Party Ka Hero – Singers: Shahid Mallya, Shipra Goyal

Very similar mukhda to the title track of Desi Boyz and that harmony maestro, tabla maestro is way too irritating to be heard multiple times in the track. Shahid is again upto the mark, actually trying to be the party ka hero, but sadly the composition is so repeatedly boring that he couldn’t be. Kumaar couldn’t write anything better for such a staid composition. Boring! 


3. Chand Yeh – Singer: Swanand Kirkire 

Swanand shows his another talent here of being a nice singer which he has already done before in few films. While listening to it, you feel it could have been a wonderful song. The composers have laid nice arrangements but the tune somewhere lacks that attraction due to which the song fails to show its gaiety. Swanand Kirkire is the only saving grace of the track.


4. Sexy Wala Pakoda – Singers: Suhaas Shetty, Jugnu Ishiqui

One of the duo, Suhaas comes behind the mic and completely fails to impress, less with singing, more with the composition, though it’s Kumaar who disappoints with such awful lyrics. Jugnu is a debut female singer, does an avoidable rap. It has hardly anything to describe, as the composition is very ordinary and lyrics let you down. Ignore.


5. Yeh Dil Jaane Na – Ankit Dayal, Shipra Goyal

Composition is itself so off key at many places, that the moment it begins, you lose the interest. Shipra finally gets something to sing in her natural voice. The acoustic setup doesn’t impress much. Again the same feeling of the song could have been composed and arranged in a much better way. Ankit Dayal, the newcomer impresses with his youthful voice. Kumaar’s writing here shows some sense atleast. An imperfect composition.


The debutante composer duo Sidhartha-Suhaas tries hard, yet disappoints in their very first attempt. 


The Final Verdict:  DISAGREE




A Rajkumar Hirani Soundtrack!! (PK – Music Review)

1377206_767469569993831_877271626858669065_nThe most successful filmmaker of our generation Rajkumar Hirani has again arrived with his latest PK, a film about an alien played by Aamir Khan as known by the sources. I wonder for what reason Raju Hirani has gone towards multi-composer trend which is not liked among music lovers. Apart from his regular Shantanu Moitra there’s Ajay-Atul and Ankit Tiwari with one song each.


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Music Label:  T Series


1. Tharki Chokro – Singer: Swaroop Khan;  Music: Ajay-Atul;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

For this fun Rajasthani folk number, Raju Hirani chooses the Marathi duo to do justice with it and show a healthy secularism of our country. No doubt that the duo has really justified the track. Brilliant arrangements and the right selection of the singer in the form of Indian Idol contestant Swaroop Khan, a Rajasthani folk singer. Inspite of tune being very familiar and heard-before, the track is really pleasant and has strong essence of Rajasthan. Lyrics by Swanand is an icing on the cake. A perfect one! #WelcomeSong


2. Nanga Punga Dost – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal;  Music: Shantanu Moitra;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

Shantanu takes hold of the soundtrack by this catchy child-like melody in which Shreya has fully justified the mood of the song by doing all the nuances which is needed. Swanand has an amazing contribution for the song to sound good. His phonetic nursery rhyme-ish words really helped in beautifying Shananu’s situation based tune. The way the Violin has been played, is simply outstanding. Even if you are not eager to hear, just hear it for the applauding Violin pieces.


3. Chaar Kadam – Singers: Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal;  Music: Shantanu Moitra;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

A dreamy duet which lays on the lines of some of Moitra’s own compositions but thanks to him for bringing Shaan back and giving him a song which surely leaves you with a smile. The part from which Shaan begins, is minutely related with Dil Kyun Ye Mera (Kites) only if noticed minutely. The orchestra is typical Shanantu’s style having western-influenced backing vocals in the background as a part of arrangements. Inspite of heard-before feel, the song is likable. 


4. Love Is A Waste Of Time – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal;  Music: Shantanu Moitra;  Lyrics: Amitabh Verma

If you notice the tune which Sonu croons beautifully, you come up with the groove of Pal Pal (Lage Raho Munnabhai). That’s exactly what the rhythm of Pal Pal is. Amitabh Verma’s lyrics would really make Indian parents happy as love is really a waste of time according to them. Along with taking his own song’s reference, Moitra infuses retro touch to it by a mild Accordion and the chorus. This would surely give you deja vu of Pal Pal and Zoobi Doobi. 


5. Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu – Singer: Sonu Nigam;  Music: Shantanu Moitra;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

The first half of the first line of the mukhda resembles a lot with a song from Mamta In Bahaaro mein akele na phiro. The rest is pure Shantanu stuff though the antara is something that is not his style and surprisingly antara is the highlight of the song. The way Sonu takes it to a higher note, you just don’t want it to end. Swanand’s lyrics is really thoughtful and morally good. It’s a Sonu Nigam show all the way!


6. PK Dance Theme – Instrumental;  Music: Shantanu Moitra

While listening to it, Barfi!’s background score came into my mind. Yes, the innocence factor in the film must be like Barfi! only. Shantanu has done much use of Violin quite efficiently which is creating the comic as well as the emotional feel together in one single instrumental piece. The basic theme tune is absolutely catchy and has a strong positive element to it. Do give it a try!


7. Dil Darbadar – Singer: Ankit Tiwari;  Music: Ankit Tiwari;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir

People calling it Galliyan part two, well not exactly but sort of lands into that same zone of romantic songs which sounds very odd in this Hirani – Moitra atmosphere. This one seems to be a producer’s demand as nobody is able to guess how it would be able to fit in such a film. The use of Oud is damn impressive. The song has hardly any flaw, still this one is an unwanted guest, as you don’t expect your mamis or chachis to come on your bachelor’s party but loves to meet them otherwise. Not for #PK.


An album that lacks freshness, still is a break from the regular “Bollywood” stuff. Ajay-Atul turn out to be a grace, Shantanu Moitra maintains the innocence and Ankit Tiwari is an unexpected guest here. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards  (December 2014)

Singer of the Month (Female):  Shreya Ghoshal – Nanga Punga Dost (PK)

Singer of the Month (Male):  Swaroop Khan – Tharki Chokro (PK)

Singer Jodi of the Month:  Neeti Mohan & Tochi Raina – Raahi Raahi (Mumbai Delhi Mumbai)

Composer of the Month (Song):  Rohan Rohan – Raahi Raahi (Mumbai Delhi Mumbai)

Lyricist of the Month:  Swanand Kirkire – Tharki Chokro (PK)

Composer of the Month (Album):  Himesh Reshammiya – Action Jackson

Song of the Month:  Tharki Chokro – PK  (Ajay-Atul, Swanand Kirkire)

Album of the Month:  PK (T Series)


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