Just Pass!! (Titoo MBA – Music Review)

Titoo (Takhat Singh Gill) is an ambitious Chandigarh boy who dreams of becoming a big businessman. However fate doesn’t favor Titoo and he faces heavy loss in business. The music has been given by Arjuna Harjai, a young Bollywood composer who has done some unnoticed films in the past.



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Music: Arjuna Harjai;  Music Label: Zee Music Company


1. O Soniye – Singers: Arijit Singh, Vibha Saraf;  Lyrics: Surabhi Dashputra

You don’t generally except such a beautiful melody in such an album. Arijit as always has nailed it. It’s clearly depicting the dedication with which the composer has created the song. The tune seems to be coming straight from the heart. Arijit has justified it completely by singing his heart out. Guitar is a treat to listen here, having a vibrant acoustic sound and soothing Violin piece in the second interlude. Also, the song has been written beautifully, each line being so connective. You simply can’t miss this one! #WelcomeSong


2. Kyu Hua / Kyu Hua (Reprise) – Singer: Arijit Singh / Neeti Mohan;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Again Arijit takes hold of everything right from the beginning, spreading his magical voice with a genuinely nice melody though it’s not a very “different” kind of song, more or less the same stuff which we hear in most of Vishesh films songs. Arrangement is really good, with Guitars and Flute and some percussive sounds in the background account for a soothing listening. Lyrics are just what it could be, nothing special in it. Neeti’s version is comparatively better and sounding more novel as it’s a female voice. In the Reprise, Arjuna has kept very mild arrangements, which undoubtedly makes it a better version. A good song though has repetitive texture (Reprise is more recommended).


3. Plan Bana Le – Aishwarya Nigam, Surabhi Dashputra;  Lyrics: Kumaar

That’s a Dance song to which you can’t even tap your feet in any way. Arjuna has used techno sounds but not utilized them, resulting in having a poor sound. The beats are so mild, not having energetic feel, most probably due to poor mixing. Lyrics by Kumaar are so unattractive, having words which do not have their own sound and hence you won’t be eager to hum it aloud. Having a not-so-good composition, singers don’t seem to be in a their full form. Very unattractive!


4. Atyachaari – Singers: Surabhi Dashputra, Arjuna Harjai;  Lyrics: Surabhi Dashputra

Composers and lyricist have a duet this time, Surabhi sounds impressive with her autotuned voice and Arjuna though not having much role, sounds good. Composition also seems to be quite creative, having a retro comic feel which makes the song quite attractive. The problem here is the lyrics. Surabhi has written pathetic lyrics totally contrary to what she wrote in O Soniye. Just because of the composition, it is worth a listen. One-time listen track.


5. O Ranjha – Singer: Surabhi Dashputra;  Lyrics: Surabhi Dashputra

This is a female version of O Soniye sung by the lyricist himself. Yes, she has a beautiful voice, singing impressively. Arjuna has created a constant sound in the background which creates a soothing atmosphere. Also, Surabhi’s voice has been echoed to a certain level which creates a good impact on the listener. This is a kind of a song that one can sleep peacefully listening to it at night. The Piano piece seems like a Pritam-ish piece. Again a huge applaud to Arjuna for this composition. 


6. Saiyaan Bedardi – Singers: Priyanka Agarwal, Abhishek Kumar;  Guest Composer: Leonard Victor;  Guest Lyricist: Nitin Raikwar

The way a sound shouting saiyaan, is damn irritating, simply intolerable. There’s a guest composer and lyricist for this track though I don’t find any need for that as Leonard and Nitin have composed and written respectively pathetically. Priyanka’s irritating voice though intentional, can screw your mind and ear. They have tried giving it a comic feel but completely failed to do so. Not good for your ears. 


Besides Arijit Singh, there’s nothing admirable in this album. 


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Ungli


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